What Adyta.Phone can do for you

Adyta.Phone is a solution for secure communications fully developed by Adyta in its offices in Portugal. It runs on iOS and Android smartphones.

Available for iOS and Android.

This solution differs from other communication solutions on the market. It has a transparent business model, where the customer pays for a subscription for a service and does not pay by having his own personal or business data collected.

  • Privacy
  • Security / Integrity
  • Performance
  • Disruptive Technology

Why you need encrypted communications

Workplace communications are critical to business success as well as productivity.

However, in today’s increasingly digital world, it is essential to protect the privacy of communications by safeguarding business data, personal data, and intellectual property.

Therefore, it is crucial to use communication tools with high security and integrity guarantees to protect user’s privacy and data.

Not using solutions that preserve the security of communications exposes organizations and their workers to potential loss of information, data, and business details, making communications, calls, and messages susceptible to interception by malicious agents.

What Adyta.Phone gives you

At the same time, Adyta.Phone provides strong and high-performance encrypted communications, data integrity and enhanced usability.

  • Privacy

    • Strong peer-to-peer encryption;
    • No data persistence on the backend;
    • Full control of the serving appliance (on-premises solutions);
    • The sever does not persist groups (members), nor does it store communicated information;
    • No identity anchor required (does not use your data).

  • Performance

    • Group communications efficiency in a worst-case scenario (member replacement);
    • Asynchronous cryptography;
    • Streaming with (HTTP3)​.

  • Security / Integrity

    • Military-grade encryption;
    • Secrecy, integrity, and authentication for all messages and calls;
    • Forward-Secrecy;
    • Non-repudiation or deniability;
    • Post-compromise security;
    • Authentication;
    • Encrypted data at-rest;
    • Secure revocation & data migration.

  • Disruptive Technology

    • Communications between federations that preserve privacy​;
    • Centralized streaming with end-to-end encryption keys;
    • Non-negotiable security.

A business model that gives the customer complete control of the solution

With Adyta.Phone, the customer manages the entire solution. It means that you have the possibility of managing your server (appliance), installing it on-premises (in your own data center), or keeping it in a cloud environment controlled by you.


The customer is the complete owner of their encrypted communication system.


Adyta.Phone provides strong and high-performance encrypted communications, data integrity and enhanced usability.

We don't want your data!

It is yours and will remain so whenever you use Adyta.Phone.

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12.5 € / user / month

  • Deployed on the client servers
  • Anual licensing: 1.500 € / year
  • Paid annually

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Global Only

10 € / user / month

  • Deployed on Adyta Servers
  • Paid annually

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